Perspective – seeing the cyclist as well as the peloton

I tend to think of myself as a middle-tier cyclist.  I know that I ride a lot but I know many people who ride more, know more, ride better and ride faster than myself.  I went to a wedding reception a while back.  It was mentioned by my wife and other guests that there were other “avid cyclists” there.  I think this was their way of saying, “some people here might understand you”.

Like most people that ride on a regular basis, I can always think of something to say when it comes to bicycling.  It’s always nice to talk to people that don’t think of a bicycle as something that takes up space in their garage or that cyclists have a third eye.  Once I met the other cyclists, I found that they were very nice guys, that I could indeed talk with about cycling.  They rode the White Rock trail on about a weekly basis and had plans to complete a 100-K event that summer.  The idea of riding with a club, racing or commuting was not in those folks perspective.  They just like meeting up with one or two friends, getting a pretty good workout and socializing.  The same things I like, in a different format. However, I think I caught them looking for my third eye.

These individuals clearly have a life beyond cycling.  I do as well but cycling is a clear and dominate theme in my life, the cyclists I met that evening can carry on interesting conversations about other things whereas I have to think about it a little more.  The interesting thing to me was that my wife, the hosts and other guests put us all into the same category of people with a third eye who ride bikes often.

I don’t want to be singled out as a cyclist, any more than people want to be singled out for their ethnicity.  This started with riding to work,  I don’t want to stand out on the bus or as I walk into my workplace.  I don’t mind being in shorts but I want them to appear more everyday than cycling-specific.  I don’t want to waddle around in my cleats, I really prefer  regular shoes when I step off the bike.

If people perceive me as a “normal” guy and if I demonstrate cycling as routine behavior, then just maybe more people will give it try.  In a flat area such as Plano, a single-speed is a perfect choice for running around.  When was the last time you jumped on a bike without changing clothes?  Give it a try and remember why you really ride a bike.

Go ride your bike!

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