Important City Council Agenda for Monday, Sept 23rd at 7pm

Monday night’s City Council agenda includes the amendment of our Bicycle Transportation Plan and Bicycle Policy Statement. These documents were approved at the September 3rd Planning and Zoning Commission, and they are on the agenda for final approval by City Council Monday night, September 23rd at 7 PM.  There is also the approval of funding for the Plano-Richardson-Murphy trail connection project.

Cycling in Plano is a pleasure.  This items are significant to ensure that Plano continues to remember cyclists and others as we improve our transportation and recreation infrastructure.

This is one of those times where attendance matters.  Show up, wear something that shows that you are a cyclist, a pin, a hat, a jersey.  Let them know that you support these items.  There’s never a shortage when a ride is announced, a few people have put in a lot of work to get these items to this point.  Let’s let the city know that there was a lot of encouragement and support for their efforts!

Meeting location:

Plano Municipal Center
1520 K Avenue
Plano, TX 75074

 The complete agenda/packet for this meeting is available for download at this link,

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from Plano, TX. Husband, father, grandfather, cyclist, fan of the Texas Rangers and Texas Longhorns
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2 Responses to Important City Council Agenda for Monday, Sept 23rd at 7pm

  1. wcasteel says:

    I will be there — who else?

  2. What is the largest number we’ve ever had show for a City Council meeting? I’m going to say about 15 to my experience. This deserves a lot more because it affirms support for cycling in Plano. Without drama and controversy, we will make a clear statement that we appreciate and support these items by simply showing up.

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