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from Plano, TX. Husband, father, grandfather, cyclist, fan of the Texas Rangers and Texas Longhorns

There’s No Time Like the Present

This won’t be a long post because I simply don’t have time.  May is a busy month for work, personal events and let’s not forget cycling.  The biggest thing is the re-launch of this, the Bike Friendly Plano blog.  Keeping … Continue reading

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Bike sign

The motorists think that cyclists are a rare and odd breed.  Look around and you’ll notice bike sign everywhere.  Notice how many cars have bike racks.  What about bumper stickers?  Those USAT (triathlon) stickers are cyclists.  The 26.2 stickers probably … Continue reading

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Riding a bike is fun

Fun comes up a lot lately with regard to riding.  There are two upcoming events that have “fun” in their name: The Plano Fun Ride and the Frisco Family Fun Ride.  The Frisco Family Fun ride is first on July … Continue reading

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Do I really want to poke a hornet’s nest?

As I was on my evening commute from work, I moved one lane to the left to leave a right turn only lane.  I looked back and there was plenty of room and the closest approaching car was a ways … Continue reading

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A great place to ride

There are lots of bike friendly community blogs out here on WordPress.  They are apparently loosely and mostly not at all associated from what this writer can tell.  I can tell you that I am not at all associated but … Continue reading

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